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How much is it to sponsor a tree and what this is paying for?
Sponsoring a tree costs 300$. This money covers the purchase of the tree the labor required for planting and maintenance.

Can I choose whom to give the money to?
Yes, by clicking on ‘START PLANTING TREES’ you will be redirected to a MechSE online submission form in which you can choose your favorite park district

Why can I not decide what tree species it will be, where it will be planted and when?
We want to be minimally invasive and respectful of the already busy operations of the parks. To avoid burdening them with extra logistics, the choice of species and locations is left to them.

Are the $300 for the park districts only?
Yes, we do not manage any money, we simply collect requests that are then dispatched to the park districts. All payments go to the parks, to support the purchase of a tree and the manpower required for planting/maintenance.

If I represent an institution and wish to sponsor a tree, can I do so without associating a specific paper to it?
Yes! In these cases we suggest you to contact us directly by email.

How do they decide what tree and where it is planted?
To avoid burdening the parks with additional logistics, the policy we agreed on is that the parks decide autonomously species and locations, depending on their landscaping needs

Can I sponsor a tree without organizing an outreach event?
Yes! The implementation of an outreach event is completely optional, in case you wish to do that we will assist you by connecting you with parks and schools. If you wish to organize an outreach event we recommend you to email us directly.

Who invites which school when a tree is purchased?
There is not necessarily an outreach event for every planted tree, a sponsor can just decide to plant a tree without event. If a sponsor decides to have an outreach event, we will facilitate the connection with schools and park districts, through our outreach office. If you wish to organize an outreach event we recommend you to email us directly.

Does the sponsor go to a class to explain the project (i.e. is there more involved than just planting a tree)?
The format for the outreach event is flexible, depending on the sponsor needs and parks constraints. We put the sponsor in touch with our partners and then they together discuss possible options and plan out the event. If you wish to organize an outreach event we recommend you to email us directly.

Will I receive a certificate/picture after planting my tree?
You will receive a confirmation mail. Your name as a sponsor will appear on the website together with the details of your paper as well as the exact geo-localization displayed on our map.

Is it just about planting a tree? What else can I do?
New ideas are always welcome, if you have something in mind, please do email us directly!

Do they wait until they collect X amount of trees to plant them or one at a time?
We send them a list every month, all the orders are processed for payment and then during the first planting window available (Fall or Spring) all the collected orders are planted, unless they exceed a maximum quota which varies from park to park.

How do we access the database?
As soon as a minimum number of trees are planted, we will upload on this website the database in excel format, so that anybody can just download it.

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